Georgetown, TX

Inspired by intense color and texture, self taught Texas artist Shirley Patxot finds herself immersed in possibilities. She doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t creating art of some kind. Her true passion of figural painting, however, began immediately after losing her beloved mother to Alzheimer’s in 2009. The angels she began creating became visible on the canvas with great ease. She is now continually inspired by the kindness of the human spirit and the vulnerability of allowing oneself to be open to those “Angels Among Us”. Her three continuing series are entitled: ANGELS AMONG US, HUMAN KIND and ALL GOD’S CREATURES.

She works primarily in acrylics but has also created her own process using soft and oil pastels, sometimes combining all three. Her style pulls from a love of expressionism and folk art yet always playing with varieties of patterns and colors. The hope that viewers will find themselves connected at some level with her soulful figures is the gift she receives in painting them.

Available Art
Shirley’s angel paintings are very popular.  The reason is different for each person that is drawn to an angel’s face and features, folk art style, blocks of color, and more.  We are very fortunate to be the Georgetown home of Shirley’s paintings.  As you can see by the images in the listing Shirley is creating more than angels. These figures and animals have the same appeal as the angels. We have all sizes and subjects – I’m sure we have one that will capture your heart.
Artist Website
Too see of more Shirley’s painting visit her Facebook page.